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Message from the President

Junichi Takahashi, President & Representative Director

By plotting a business strategy for global expansion and practicing product development and operational and promotional activities suitable to the market environment, we will endeavor to enhance our corporate value.

  At SDS Biotech, we’re conducting business activities under a management philosophy of contribution to society through the provision of safe and useful products, with our R&D serving as the foundation. As a company acting as the core of the agricultural chemical business of the Idemitsu Kosan Group, we serve to achieve the same goals in relation to the keywords of “food safety and security” and “expanding food demand”, and feel that it’s our mission to acknowledge our social responsibility and subsequently contribute to society.
  Since we’ve unified our business year with that of Idemitsu Kosan, we feel that more expeditious and efficient business operations are possible within the context of general group management.

  In terms of the footing for our growth strategies going forward, we are currently accelerating the expansion of our overseas business and actively promoting overseas expansion mainly for paddy herbicides we’ve developed in-house. Moreover, we will be further strengthening our production framework and growth activities for our fungicide Daconil, which constitutes the core business of our company. To go about doing that, we established a local corporation in Shanghai in the continuously growing Chinese agricultural chemical market. Furthermore, we will continue to provide support in the areas of R&D and finance to our subsidiary in India, SDS Ramcides CropScience Private Limited, with the aim of increasing our presence within the Indian market.
  On another front, as an R&D-focused company, we’re going to endeavor to promptly assess potential of candidate formulas to be developed and bring about the early creation of useful products.

  At SDS Biotech, we’ll continue to look at things from a global perspective and aim for sustainable corporate growth through hands-on activities geared toward growth for the areas of market-oriented product development and sales. Thus, we would like to humbly ask for your continued support in the future.

   April 2016
Junichi Takahashi, President and Representative Director
   Junichi Takahashi
   President & Representative Director