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Personal Information Protection Policy

The Internet and other information and communication technologies have rapidly become an integral part of everyday life, resulting in increasing pressure within society for measures to protect personal information, as reflected for instance in the enactment of the Act on the Protection of Personal Information (hereinafter the Personal Information Protection Law). Responding to these trends, SDS Biotech K.K. recognizes the careful handling of personal information as a corporate social responsibility and has accordingly formulated the policy set out below.

  1. SDS Biotech K.K. shall create a post of officer responsible for personal information management to undertake company-wide implementation of policy for personal
    information protection and shall appoint an officer responsible for management in each division that handles personal information to establish an appropriate management system for the purpose of personal information protection.
  2. SDS Biotech K.K. shall set forth Personal Information Protection Regulations and other corporate regulations and shall comply strictly with their provisions and undertake relevant education and awareness activities for employees.
  3. SDS Biotech K.K. shall obtain personal information only as far as necessary for the conduct of its operations and shall do so using legal and proper means.
  4. SDS Biotech K.K. shall use personal information obtained only for the purposes advertised on the company website or for purposes indicated clearly at the time when such information is obtained.
  5. To ensure the accuracy and security of personal information, SDS Biotech K.K. shall endeavour to keep the content of stored personal data accurate and up-to-date. SDS Biotech K.K. shall further deploy both managerial and organizational systems and information and communication technology to devise effective security measures for the prevention of unauthorized access to personal information, and loss, falsification, leaking, etc., thereof.
  6. In principle, SDS Biotech K.K. shall not disclose to third parties any stored personal data handled in the conduct of its operations. Where it becomes necessary for the conduct of its operations to provide such data to third parties, the prior consent of the relevant person or persons shall be obtained, except in any of the cases stipulated under Article 23 (1) of the Personal Information Protection Law or where operations are outsourced following the prior conclusion of a nondisclosure agreement.
  7. SDS Biotech K.K. shall respond appropriately to requests for disclosure, amendment, etc., of stored personal data as stipulated by the Personal Information Protection Law. Details of the procedure for requesting disclosure, amendment, etc., shall be published on the corporate website.
  8. SDS Biotech K.K. shall respond appropriately and swiftly to complaints regarding the handling of personal information. Details of a contact to which complaints can be addressed shall be published on the corporate website.
  9. SDS Biotech K.K. shall comply strictly with the Personal Information Protection Law and related legislation and with codes, guidelines, etc., laid down by government bodies and similar institutions and shall undertake continuous review of personal information protection and handling, including the present policy.

Handling of Personal Information on this Website

On the basis of its personal information protection policy, SDS Biotech K.K. sets forth the following independent provisions relating to the handling of personal information on its corporate website (hereinafter "this website").

  1. Visitors to this website may view the website without disclosing personal information.* *Personal information refers to name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, or other information which allows individual identification of the customer or to information particular to the individual customer. SDS Biotech K.K. may undertake statistical analysis regarding the status of utilization of specific pages on the website, but no personal information is included in such analyses.
  2. Where personal information is provided by customers through the inquiry form on this website, the purposes for which the information is to be used shall be clearly indicated in advance and use shall be limited to the stated purposes.
  3. Personal information provided may be made available to member companies of the SDS Biotech Group in order to pursue the advertised purposes of use.
  4. Personal information provided by customers shall be subject to stringent supervision and measures shall be put in place to prevent loss, falsification, leaking, etc., thereof.
  5. SDS Biotech K.K. accepts no responsibility for the handling of personal information on websites linked to this website and operated by enterprises or individuals other than SDS Biotech K.K.
  6. SDS Biotech K.K. may make alterations to the "Handling of Personal Information on this Website" in response to changes in laws and regulations, etc.
  7. Inquiries regarding the "Handling of Personal Information on this Website" should be directed to the Management Department (Tel: +81-3-5825-5511).


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