Our Strength

Strength in being an active substance manufacturer

The particular properties of a finished agricultural chemical product depend chiefly on the nature of its active substances. In some cases, the commercial product contains not just a single active substance, but a mixture of a number of active substances, and different combinations of active substances allow wide-ranging and diverse product development.

SDS Biotech boasts a proprietary portfolio including a large number of valuable active substances. Notable among these is the active substance Daconil(chlorothalonil), which enjoys a level of customer confidence established over long years of solid performance in Japan and overseas. Others include Benzobicyclon, Daimuron, Cafenstrole, and Thenylchlor, which occupy a large market share in the paddy rice herbicide sector.

Our proprietary holding of distinctive active substances of this kind means that we are not only engaged in our own product development but are also involved in the product development of other companies. This, we believe, is our particular strength in being an active substance manufacturer.

To further develop this strength, our research and development divisions are energetically engaged in the development of new active substances. At the same time we are enhancing our in-licensing functions so as to promote the introduction of active substances owned by other domestic and overseas companies.