October 1968 Establishment of Showa Diamond Chemical K.K. (50/50 JV between Showa Denko K.K. and Diamond Shamrock)
December 1968 Open Yokohama Works
September 1969 Start Daconil Technical (chlorothalonil) production at Yokohama Works
May 1975 Open Minori Agricultural Experiment Station in Ibaraki-Prefecture
July 1983 Transfer of agricultural chemical business from Showa Denko, and change company name to SDS Biotech K.K.
Open Tokyo Research Laboratory in Tokyo
August 1983 Open Osaka Sales Office, Fukuoka Sales Office and Sapporo Sales Office
December 1984 Open SDS Biotech K.K. Philippine Representative Office in Manila (currently in Davao City), Philippines
March 1985 Capital withdrawal of Diamond Shamrock from SDS Biotech
June 1986 Capital participation of Sandoz Group in SDS Biotech
July 1988 Open Sendai Sales Office
September 1991 Open Tsukuba Research & Technology Center (former Tokyo Res. Lab.) in Tsukuba Science City
April 1995 Open SDS Biotech K.K. Seoul Branch in Seoul, Korea
April 1998 Showa Denko's acquisition of all the common shares in SDS Biotech owned by Novartis
May 2000 Showa Denko's acquisition of all the remaining stocks of SDS Biotech (100% subsidiary of Showa Denko)
March 2005 Separation from Showa Denko by way of management buyout
December 2008 Listed on JASDAQ Securities Exchange
December 2009 Listed on Second Section of Tokyo Stock Exchange
June 2011 Company converted to a consolidated subsidiary of Idemitsu Kosan Co., Ltd. through a tender offer of shares
September 2012 Consolidated the sales and marketing function in Japan into the Company's head office in line with reorganization on an individual product group basis (Closed each sales office)
January 2013 Acquired India-based SDS Ramcides CropScience Pvt. Ltd. (former Sree Ramcides Chemicals Pvt. Ltd.) as a consolidated subsidiary
March 2014 Capital participation of SDS Biotech K.K. in Jiangsu Xinhe Agrochemical Co., Ltd. and Jiangsu Xinyi Taihe Chemical Co., Ltd.
July 2015 Open SDS (Shanghai) Biotech Co., Ltd. in China
May 2018 Transferred all shares in India-based SDS Ramcides CropScience Pvt. Ltd.